Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You get what you need; not what you want..

Miracles happen... When you are down and feel like you are out, or when everything seems to be going well, and I have learned that god answers prayers.

Things in life happen for a reason. God does not give you situations or things in your life without love and support from him and the close people in your life. I think that sometimes the rocks in the road are there to help you find the footprints in the sand and that sometimes those rocks are signs that you need to look back and see them. Soon enough you will learn to trust and give thanks frequently, not whenever life is turned upside down. Be thankful for each and everyday you rise from your sleep, for every breath you take, for every hug you feel, for every tear that rolls down your eyes because you are still alive and well.

Yes, sometimes there are situations that arise that brings your path to something you do not want to go through, or have never thought you yourself would have to go through, but with God's help and those that were chosen to be in your life help you through them.

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