Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a wonderful feeling...

I can now work on other things in the house! Laundry is caught up!!! Yay! Yes I have a few things in there to wash, but I really would like to wait until I get more of a load together (to save time and energy). Did I mention I love my front loader washer and dryer? It seems that I can get more of my laundry done with these in my house. We bought them just over a year ago and there is not a day goes by that I don't enjoy them... they were worth every penny we paid. I did notice that my electric bill also dropped by 75.00. They use 21 gallons of water, not the 40+ gallons that a regular washer and dryer normally uses. They also spin so dry that you can tell they are only "damp" and not as soaked and this also helps with the electric bill because you are not using your dryer as much (the clothes are almost dry!!). Yes I will probably have 1 load of whites and one other load tomorrow, but much easier to upkeep the clothes situation and not have a "Mount Washmore" (terminology from the "FlyLady").

Even though I have thrown 4 extra loads in this week just washing up baby clothes to get them stored and ready for Gracie, I have kept all of the clothes up and ready for the family.

Now, I also like to line dry, though with line drying I find that the clothes are sometimes very "stiff" when coming off the line. I have found a venture around that! I have switched to Tide HE with a touch of Downy, I also use another dose of Downy, and after I hang them out and pull them down they are still very soft and pliable, not like they were before! I also like the smell of the clothes while hanging them out to dry, where before I could not smell everything. I use the double Downy because I find my water is sometimes really hard- well water and a water softener too boot!

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