Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Time Warner Cable:

I am tired of things being "LOST" at your convenience. I only hope that you enjoy the $160.00+ Dollars that you made off my account because no one could find the paperwork that I faxed you.
Nice customer service. I only wish I could contact someone from your headquarters and let them know what has happened. I will be in search of new service.

To Whom It may Concern:

I have for the second time faxed you my copy of my Direct Tv bill on 9/29 18:20. PLEASE confirm that you have received it and that it is ENTERED into your computer. I faxed this on 5/15/11 or 5/16/11 and it was LOST.

Thank you

Tina Renee Mann
aggravated customer.

This time I have my tushie covered... I have my Transmission verification report STAPLED to my copies I printed... so if you lose them I will have your asses.

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