Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh the things that you could imagine to clean with


A different topic for a change. Are you laughing yet? Well hang on to your seat, you just may be thinking I have done and stepped off the deep edge.

You who follow me on Face Book have probably seen that I make my own laundry soap, dishwasher soap, dilute my fabric softener down, and I have been canning food.

Today our 4H club did a service project. Steven, of course, was told to change his clothes to something that could be painted on and not matter. Think he did? Ahhhh .. Nope!

So we came home with paint all over. Some of us from head to toe, but we won't mention any names! This was really thick, molasses thick oil based hunter green paint. All the way home I was thinking about how I was going to get this off me, much less the kids!

I looked it up online after attempting to remove this paint with dishsoap, laundry soap, mechanics soap, well.. you get the hint? Right?

I found online someone said to use Mayonaise. Let me repeat that... MAYONAISE. Yes. I went to the fridge, grabbed the Mayo bottle out, swiped it all over the painted portions of bodies, let it set for oh 3-4 minutes, took one of my home made tulle scrubbies to the spots. It.Came.Off!! Yay! Go me!!

After running to the store, I see that **someone** walked through some paint and that there were little green spots all over the floor. I tried oil soap. I tried just rubbing, which made it smear and leave the green tint on the vinyl. Hmmmm... Mayonaise!

Did it work?

Why do you think I am writing about Mayonaise? LOL

So, With a little homemade scrubbie and Mayo... I Cleaned some of my house.

Never estimate the power of the internet with a woman on a mission.

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