Sunday, October 16, 2011

What do you do with a Bug?

What do you do with an ADHD, ODD, Mood disordered bug? you put them out in the dirt and make them work it out. Chores at home, expect her to bring home the grades she deserves from school. Expect nothing less then what she can do. My bug? Yes. My bug. While the 'tude is being maintained, I really wish and hope that she really starts looking at her attitude a little more.

Bug loves fast pitch softball, even though it is her first year. She has learned so much even though she's been thrown into the mix. She's pretty good at short stop- she's got in legitimately through her father.

My hardest decision is while the fast pitch softball helps her work out things in her head, and it gives her the ability to promote her self esteem, make friendships, as well as find and work on her abilities- deep down... it can be expensive.

I have thought long and hard trying to make the right decisions whether or not to pull her out of Fast pitch even though it is helping her to find herself.

She's doing chores. She helps out around the house. She's bringing home A's and B's. But at 12 years old she seems to be going on 40. Her behaviors sometimes leaves her with something to be desired, but I find that it's a fine line on letting her play and not letting her play.

I really don't think she understands the contingencies that are going to have to be put into place before we continue into her next venture.

I think we are seriously going to have to look at everything before we open the door to what looks like a future for her in ball.

Its that fine line that I am worried about, that I believe all parents hoping to make the right decision worry about. Whether to accept and overcome, or deal.

It is my job to raise a decent, worthwhile individual that when presented the opportunity to go out into this sometimes wild and crazy world that she can still thrive and make decisions on her own.

Katelyn has a good head on her shoulders if she would only remember that she needs to make good decisions for her own self and not worry about what everyone else is doing.

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