Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not me's first guest post.. Life Essential Oils

Cleaning without toxins has become a passion of mine. Not only do they give me headaches and send me to the dermatologist with my eczema breakouts, but the chemicals that are in some of those cleaners under your sink are deadly!

The great thing is that there are natural cleaning solutions that don’t only kill all of the bad things that you want to kill like viruses, germs and bacteria; but there are some great recipes that you can use that will actually help your family combat the sickies and help your immune system.

What am I talking about? Essential oils! Essential oils are extracts that come from plants. So these are totally natural, and Young Living oils are the best of the best. Most of them can even be taken internally. Yep, your cleaning solution can sometimes be taken internally to help different ailment! Can you say that about what you used to clean your counter tops today? If you are like most people, the answer is a resounding NO!

We would all like to have help with the household chores, but as a mom I don’t want my kid’s sensitive skin near most of the cleaners that you can pick up at the local store. So today I’m going to share one of my favorite cleaning recipes with you.

You will need:

White vinegar

Young Living Thieves Essential Oil Blend


Spray Bottle

Pour approximately 1 cup of white vinegar into spray bottle. Add 10 drops of Young Living Essential Oil Blend, and fill the bottle with water.

Use this all purpose cleaner to clean your counters, table, spills, refrigerator, any other hard surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom.

Since this essential oil blend also helps your immune system fight off the sickies, use this liberally on a daily basis. More information about Thieves Essential Oil Blend can be found here:

Life Essential Oils

Christi Daugherty is a mom to 3 step mom to 2 and wife to amazing man. After blogging for several years on home living she finally found a great company to partner with that she and her family love. Young Living Essential Oils has been a God-send to this very active family.

Teaching others how to change their lives in baby-steps is Christi’s passion. Whether it is using peppermint essential oil for headaches or organizing their to-do list in bite sized pieces so that they can reach their Life goals. Christi is here to help you and your family reach its full potential.

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