Thursday, December 2, 2010

Situations that needs resolved.

I absolutely dispise people who think they are better than me and my family.  I cannot tolerate those who poison my family with their thoughts that they can be or do things better. 

In everything that lives, breathes, and exists there are flaws.  I have owned up to some of mine that I can see, as well as my children's flaws too.  We have been working on flaws and trying to get things cleaned up.

Even with my recent return to working on crochet, I find that I still have flaws in everything I do.  I am not perfect like god.  I tend to believe in the theory that the amish use; they purposely put flaws in their quilts, blanket, etc. that they make because only god is perfect. 

While I strive to raise good and worthy souls; I know there are problems, and that there will always be.

Recently I have been attempting to return back to god.  I have tried going back to a church.  I am so mixed up with churches I am not exactly sure my beliefs go hand in hand with others, or for that matter, the church's views.  I have went to church.  I have heard the word of god.  The messages I have heard fit into what I have been going through lately.  I feel like I am an outsider, though people- good friendly people have welcomed me with open arms. 

I was baptised as a Catholic, raised somewhat of a Baptist, and I am completely going crazy because I am not sure on how to be either.  The catholic church took a stand with something that involved my life and therefor I feel rather displaced.  I don't know how to get through it.  It is a feeling tugging on my heart strings.  I don't know who I can talk to about this situation.

I am estatic about my kids thriving for knowledge during their Wed. night church classes, but the more I see them learning the more I wish I would have (and want to at present) learned on my own.

Nothing is perfect except God.  We thrive to be like him.  I am not quite sure how to. 

I guess I am just second guessing myself. 


Amber said...

God just wants us to try, and how we do that is just by living to the glory of God. We live to the glory of God, by just trying to make the right decisions, making decisions he would want us too, glorifying his name and sharing Him with others. He knows that we can't do that perfectly, and he knows sometimes we won't even be on the same path as perfect, but he wants us to always get back up and keep trying. You don't have to be a denomination such as Baptist or Catholic to believe in God, or to follow him. You just need to find a good place that preaches directly from the Bible and if you're not sure about something they are telling you, research it and ask questions. The Bible is inerrant, because God's word is the truth. Hope this helps a little.

Tina said...

Thank you!