Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let it snow...

There is some kind of peace that comes with snowfall before Christmas. For some reason in our Ohio-neck-of-the-woods, it never feels like Christmas is around the corner unless you are bundled up dredging through all of the snow to run errands and get ready for Christmas.

For some reason I am happy the snow is here. Whether it is because it's Gracie's first Christmas (yeah like she will remember it?), or the fact that there always seems to be something magical about a White Christmas upcoming, or possibly just the quieting heart as you sit and watch all the big fluffy flakes fall from nowhere...

I know I will be cursing it soon enough. I wouldn't mind it at all if Mother Nature just decided to let it snow a little every day until the day after Christmas.

We have white flood lights up on the house this year. It makes our house feel warm and cozy in my mind.

The tree is up in front of the two front windows in the living room. The nativity scene is up on the bookshelf.

Christmas this year seems like it's nothing but a big long list of items that need to be done; Baking, finding decoration projects to keep the kids going, finding all of the winter items- hats, mittens and scarves- just to send the kids out so one can keep on returning into the well heated home for "something". The Hot Cocoa- Real HOT COCOA made from scratch lightly heating on the stove with small miniature marshmallows letting those eager for tasting know when it will be ready. The smells of pine and cinnamon lingering through the house. All of the candles lit keeping the house just a little warmer and smelling wonderful. How about the sounds that come with children?
Gracie fell asleep after eating her baby food while we enjoyed our dinner.

All of the reminders of a house made into a home.

During this time it seems that my kitchen gets a good workout. It sometimes feels like once I get one mess cleaned up, another arises. But what is wonderful is the warm love that goes into everything that comes from that Kitchen.

So let it snow. As is snows our home is making memories and giving us a reason to be thankful and to remember all of the reasons for the season. It keeps us busy so that on Christmas day we can remember the reasons behind the faith, hope and love we have in our home every day.

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