Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's like a light clicked on...

Before today, Brianna was very skeptical about Gracie.  She did not want to do much with her, but she would sit next to her in the bouncy seat and bounce her for me.  Today was like a light came on- I was in the middle of putting together 6 Nut Rolls and I had flour everywhere.  Gracie was in her crib screaming for someone to come rescue her from her dwelling in the back bedroom where she was napping.  Brianna amazed me by going in and rescueing the 5 month old, walking out holding her and coming up to me and showing me her prize. 

She was very adament about changing her diaper; so I let her... All the while playing and talking with Gracie as she dealt with a wet diaper.

Later on, while I was holding Gracie, she decided that it was "her time" to hold her, and came up and started being "BREE"... making Gracie laugh and giggle like only she can.  Then to boot, she insisted that I was cutting into her holding time and therefore took the babe away from me after putting a blanket on the floor.  She held her, then put her down on the blanket and kept her busy enough to keep her from falling asleep or crying so I could finish dinner.

I am still in awe!

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