Monday, October 1, 2012

Another October first.

It's almost 8 AM.  Time for the morning jaunt over to drop Steven over at school.  The air is crisp, the frost laying on the grass, rooftops, trees, and plants begins to lift creating a mediocre fog randomly throughout the air.  Breathe in.  Feel the coolness in the air.  Dread getting into the cold van, getting it warmed, and attempting to wipe the dew off the windows.  It's not really cold, but enough to feel the chill- with or without the coat.

While the sun is starting to rise; looking out towards the west there is an opalescent sign that the full moon is getting ready to  rest after lighting up the night sky.  It has done it's job.  It has lit the night skies for farmers to harvest.  Light oh so very light clouds streaming fills the sky, while the lifting fog sits in the low areas in the area.  The sunrise starts to take over more, and you see the sunlight hit the tops of the trees.  The trees that once held beautiful dark green leaves has now taken on different hues of color.  Blazing reds, burnt oranges, golden yellows, fading greens.  The falling leaves are a little crispier.  Ah... Change is in the air.

All of the sudden there is an urge to smell the fall changes.  Bonfires.  Apple Cider.  Burning leaves. Some of my most favorite aromas.  Time to light the tarts and candles. 

It's also a time that smacks you right in the face.

Change.  Mother Nature is gradually changing the look of the area.  Some areas more than others, but this is a beautiful change here in my part of Ohio.  It's also a sign that we are all changing, earth included.

Change can be beautiful.  Or it can royally suck.  At least when the seasons change you know that the change is coming.  Or there can be the unexpected change that is life altering and leave you like the wood and leaves that are burning.  It all depends on how you look at it.

Positive thoughts or negative thoughts.  How you look at things.  It's all up to you.  You can make apple cider from the harvest, or you can let it rot.  It's time to start into the process of change... sometimes without even realizing it's time to, or you can plan it.  Either way, like the changing seasons I think that you always have to review and see what needs changed.   Change is a force in life; we need to with it like we tend to the changing seasons. 

It's October 1st.  What changes need to be started?  And what can I start changing for the better for myself?

Change can be hard, but with determination it can be done.  Sometimes you need to allow yourself time to do so.

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