Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I guess the world is bigger than we realize!

Taking care of the house, and the kids.  Ball Practices. Homework. School.  It is not opening up my reality of the world until we are traveling for softball.  Still then it's hard for me to realize how big this world is. 

It's also difficult for me to see the goodness in peoples hearts sometimes.  After all, I am a stay at home mom for many reasons.  And, often times you really don't realize what someone is going through until that turmoil hits you smack in the face with a 2x4.  Yes, sometimes it takes that smack with the 2x4 to get you to realize that everyone has things that they are going through.  Some people are cruel and do things to be deceitful.  They do things because they have so much going on within their lives that they don't want to deal with and it's easier to take that 2x4 to someone else and leave the unseen bruising and scars that hurt deep into the soul, whether they realize it or not.  That 2x4 may not look like a piece of wood as it comes in many forms.  Through words, thoughts, actions.  Simple words- words that can hurt deep into the soul and deep down into every hair follicle.  Every action from every single person has repercussions, whether it be good or bad; and it depends on so many different situations.  What's good for one, may turn out to be bad for one or many.

But today I don't want to dwell on the above statements. 

It's time to look for the good in our lives.  It's time to start living and before speaking realize that something else may be effecting others and that things not need to be said when the thoughts occur.  Sometimes it's better to step away from what you have to say.  On the other hand if something is said, maybe we need to look at it- take what we can use and leave the rest.

Recently, my son was given an assignment.  He had to bring in ONE postcard but that if it were more than one then all the better.  I facebooked the assignment for Steven.  Currently he has taken TWENTY TWO cards into his classroom to hang up and share with his friends.  And I am being told that there are others who have brought in well over Steven's 22 cards.  People have heard and seen that he needed the cards and are very proud of where they live and very happy to help him out.  And with every day that goes by he is climbing into the van at the end of the school day and asking if he received another card.  And his face lights up every time I have news of another arrival or an update that one is coming and from where.  To Steven, this assignment has taught him that the world is huge and full of life.  To me, it has shown that there are wonderful people out there who want to help him.

My son lives and deals with the Asperger Syndrome, in which he has had to deal with others picking on him in one form or another.  He now attends a school who knows how to deal with his special abilities and can foster a better learning environment rather than just teaching him how harsh this world can be.  I am grateful. 

Tears.  Yes real tears fall.  It's amazing of all of the wonderful friends I have found either surrounding me or through facebook.  It's such a wonderful feeling with all of the cards coming in that people care for Steven and this assignment.  And it's a wonderful feeling to have friends- some who have a great deal on their mind- take time out of their day to actually stop and take time to send him a postcard. 

As I try to work through my feelings, it's also an eye opener to myself as well.  That wonderful things happen just with communication.  GOOD communication.  So before opening up a can of worms that you may not realize that you are opening, please think before speaking because sometimes someone just cannot handle another stone being thrown their way. 

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