Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dancing along....

You probably thought I forgot about this blog eh?  Meh! I'd never do that.  I've been a busy mom.  

Things got rather wild through the summer as Katelyn AKA "Bug" was playing travel ball with Ohio High Voltage. 
Brianna AKA "pickles" found that she loves catching on her Rec ball team and still catches for The Ohio High Voltage 10 u fall ball team.

Practices. Games. Traveling. Yes that's why they call it travel ball.   Tiring and exhausting? Yes! Not only for the parents who have to get uniforms off kids after getting out of a full day of hour and twenty minute games- only to get them into a hot shower and try to get all the muddy stains out of their uniform.  

Not only does it make us parents dance through life,  it teaches the kids how to become friends with others with the same interests- even if its only ball sometimes. They feel the struggles of those players of whom the have created very strong friendships with for one circumstance or another leave the friends who become their family.  And for the same family to pick themselves up after the loss of a sister and come back to the game and still play their best game.  Why? Because of the love of the game.  

I can say that what is awesome is watching them gain a baseman and how that baseman learns dance the bases, watching their friend and team-mate who is dancing to make it home.  Back, forth, stopping and daring, diving into the dirt, stealing bases- all the while waiting for the next sister to drive that ball to get their sisters home.

They wear their colors well. The blue, silver, white.  Honor, pride, and dignity. They are family.  They are sisters.

But, the dancing.  It may be to the sounds of the chanting of their band of sisters, or those who sit here and cheer them on, or their coaches sending out hand signals and barking instructions- but it's this dance that makes the game.  And there is nothing better then the

If you would have asked me when the girls started playing if I saw myself here, that answer would be "no"... However, I am very happy to say that we have because the dancing of the game is teaching friendships, working as a team, and playing by the rules.

And the greatest thing... Sitting here at a fall game- watching the dance-  and watching them win- all from the dance.

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