Friday, February 4, 2011

Gracie is almost 7 months!

I have been neglecting my blog... Sorry! I have had my hands full dealing with.. well just dealing.

Decluttering of the house has been ongoing... needless to say my garage shows it. I have been washing down walls and carpet cleaning, hitting "hot spots" and I was very excited to wake up this morning to only 1 load of laundry and the house was looking very nice... Until the kids started up! As soon as I realized that the kiddos closed my bedroom door to "let mom sleep", I was out to the living room to find all three not me, I didn't do it and nope not me either along with the little awe mom! all out in the living room with the Wii on and they were entertaining themselves with games. Alright. Fine with me.. At least the house wasn't trashed!

So I have seen some major changes with Gracie in the last couple of weeks. She is eating baby food with us in her high chair and at dinnertime with all of us. She is loving her mixed veggies, bananas and rice mum mum's. For the first couple months she despised being on the floor, but in the last week and a half or so she has been screaming to be on the floor more since she is finding her freedoms and how to play with some of her toys. She was having a hard time picking up her plastic balls, but I caught her today with her holding one in her hands and it going straight to her mouth with that mouth showing her always happy smile! She is finding keys, pushing the buttons on her piano, army crawling all over the floor in circles, but not rolling any although she has rolled a lot belly to back, and only 1 time back to belly. A little trick she has been attempting though is getting up on her toes and trying to push her tushie up in the air and balancing. Her little pudgy legs and toes are so cute as she normally keeps her feet crossed at her ankles. She loves her mommy and daddy time too!

We ended up getting Gracie a new bathtub for Christmas. It's a pretty cool one that has a piece of plastic that pops out so that when I can trust sitting her up more she can also sit and play too, but for now she is reclining back. I think she honestly loves to get her baby food all over the place so that we give her a bath. She knows when we take her into the bathroom and put her on her hooded towels on the floor that she is in for a nice warm bath and that's all it takes. She starts bouncing her arms and hands up over her head and back down next to her torso and laughing and giggling. Grandma got her a V-tech turtle that is for bath time that has holes in the bottom of the unit to drizzle water down and she loves playing in the streams. It also came with an octopus, a star and a crab that streams/sprays water and sings songs reminding me of warmer summer weather. Oh Oh how she adores this toy!

Can you tell I love this age?

She is a snuggle bug too, always giving hugs and sometimes gives you the most wonderful gooiest sloppy kisses ever when you try to kiss her on the cheek. She sometimes tries to hold her own bottle but really has no interest in doing so when mommy and daddy hold that for her.

She is a routine child, for sure! Honestly I love this age. I wish I could keep her this age and size forever. A pure Sweetie!

I am going to try to get pictures this Monday to keep track of how much she has changed!

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