Monday, December 22, 2008

Notmedidit Monday

Okay Rachel(proud owner of, I don't think I can outdo your notmedidit blog, but I thought it looked fun... I have to try it.

My Monday began with me not sleeping in because the kids slept in too. I did not sleep in because the bed was nice and warm, did not sleep in because the house was so cold that the blankets were a comfort!

I didn't tell the kids they could jump on the bed when they awoke. I did not get out of bed and think of that peanut butter cookie dough that I really needed to bake before DH left out for work! No none of that even occured to me.

I wasn't curious when my father called to say they wanted to stop over a short while. And I was'nt astonished when they brought in a load full of groceries that I could not understand if they knew how much it would help our family. I did not cry when they left. I don't have tears in my eyes now telling everyone how much I cannot tell my parents how much that meant.

I did not get excited when my youngest daughter's nose started bleeding in the van. I didn't call DH on the way to work, did not get hysterical when she had both of her hands full of blood. What was amazing is I really did not care if the doctor thought I was crazy for taking her to her office before her nurse called me to tell me to bring her in. That was my baby, and I wanted her to be safe!

I did not almost cry when they had to put a needle in her arm and draw blood! Not me... I am the strong one in this family.

I was not astonished with my children after they actually helped me clean up the house (or stayed out of my way! LOL) and they did not really clean their rooms.

I really wonder why Santa would come early and switch children on me. This is a bad joke! And I want to know when Santa is coming back to switch them again because I think I like the fighting and I really want the old kids back that wouldnot do anything!

And I really wish I would wake up from this dream! I can't believe Santa would play a horrible joke like this!

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