Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Day of Sanity

The last day of sanity has arrived... the kids will be home from school soon. I will be leaving soon to pick up Steven, making sure I go to his locker to grab anything he don't need in there and to see what supplies I need to replenish.

Yes, 2:40 today the insanity begins. At least I have things around the house to help keep them entertained. The girls have their dvd/vcr they can watch movies on while playing in their room, they also color alot but since Brianna does not know what she can draw on they cannot color in their rooms. They also have a nintendo 64 to play, along with the DS's. Ahhh the room situation... we really need to get that room organized and kept clean!

Steven has the xbox and his DS. I also put together a new computer (really new to them, it's a p2!) and it actually has internet too... so he can do homework on it, play runescape and they can work on fun educational games to help keep them up with learning while they are off for the 2 weeks for the holidays. I am looking at hauling the computer out to the dining area and seeing what I can do about a computer stand that is smaller than what we have just because it is so big! It is a wonderful table that dad made, but awful big, and the monitor is all the way up on top so it's difficult to see. I want to see what the kids are doing on the computer too... especially with the internet on. I also need to put parental controls on it. The best part is that when the kids are in bed and Jeff does not work he can play on it also if moved to the dining room.

Tonight and tomorrow night we have Christmas parties, so I have set Sunday aside for all day baking. I am hoping to get some sugar cookies made, one cookie I really dread making, though so easy to do! I have a couple different cookies we need to make. Usually we make chocolates too, but with a tight budget I can't this year.

So here's to peace and quiet, if only for about 20 more minutes. I enjoy having my kids home, but sometimes it's nice to have peace too!

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