Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas cookies

Ahhhhh... there's nothing better than the aroma coming from the kitchen of all the noisy electric toys! I especially love the smell of the results that the noisy toys make when baked! Then of course, you have to make some that you can actually stand around and say, ahh poor thing don't look like the others! Just so you can taste what you have delightfully smelled ALL DAY LONG!

And yes, I was in the kitchen ALL DAY LONG, only with small breaks to see what all of the other friends were up to.

We started with a batch of peanut butter fudge, chocolate chip cookies, butterscotch cookies, russian teacakes (snowballs), Spritz, made the dough for peanut butter cookies and peanut butter kissed cookies, 7 layer cookie bar, and then one I have not attempted for years- sugar cookies. We had to finish the sugar cookies in the process of making dinner, which was fun! Put a couple of cookie trays in, fill them up, put them in the fridge, wait until dinner baked, then pull them out and bake the other 3 trays.

At first the girls were excited to help out, then after they saw how much work it took, they would periodically come check in, usually when a new batch of cookies came out! Hubby would of course come in and exclaim while picking up a few cookies "what?! they were calling my name!" he had to run up to Circle K to get milk and he was telling one of the people up there that there is nothing like having home baked cookies for Christmas, and that he would find that out when he gets married! Ha ha ha ha Now that's funny!

Well, I made all of the favs.... I had to finish up baking on Monday night. I still have to make frosting for the sugar cookies, but I can do that while DH is sleeping, after he gets off his shift because the girls are gung ho on helping with the icing part. The thing I remember and loved the most is all the prep work that went right around the special magical Christmas day... setting the tree, baking cookies, wrapping gifts. So, for the girls to be gung ho on helping - that's special to me because I am passing all of the special things to my kids. I hope they learn how to do what I am doing, I hope they pass it to thier children, and I hope they have all of the special memories about what baking cookies means.

I am helping them to make special memories.. and to me that's what matters most. Christmas magic- sometimes one person maybe the whole family suffers if that Christmas magic is somehow lost!

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