Wednesday, February 15, 2012

19 months and 4 kids

I keep thinking about "Hey! I need to blog that!" moments and every time I do I get so involved in everything that I totally forget what I want to blog about... So I decided I had better do this one while it was still in my head!

Gracie turned 19 months on the 7th of February. She is honestly getting so big! She loves playing in and with snow. She literally did not want to come in after a fun time being pulled around on the sled and she always goes right for the snow when she's walking around outside. This year has been a little short in the snow department, but just enough for her to be able to get out in it.

Here she is just after coming in from the sled!

The kids are loving playtime with her, and she has grown to be so cuddly, walking up to me and hugging me at any given moment.  Her vocabulary is coming along too.  Oh and I totally forgot that while giving her a bath last night is what brought me to bring the blog up to date on her.

She TOTALLY covered me in water from splashing!  She always seems to have a blast in the bathtub.  She insists on having lotion on after every bath.  Once out of the tub, she's always begging for her toothbrush so I have to hurry up and get a diaper on her or she will scream until she gets that toothbrush.  And she asks for it by "bwus".

She loves playing in my kitchen while I am cooking.  

And she walked right over to this ride and wanted on so bad! It was her first quarter ride.  She's definitely a  FD kind of gal!

It's pretty certain that I am keeping busy chasing a toddler who is now running.  Oh and how funny her running looks; with her arms up in the air making her look like a monkey.

And this is her normal "oh I see a camera I gotta ham it up face" that we are used to seeing in 90% of her pictures.

Yes she is a ham!

Her first Halloween costume.  Ms. Giraffe!

First Trick or Treat

going through all of her loot!

So happy all together!  

As ornery as her daddy!

Nope.  I did NOT make this mess.  Or did I?


Christmas 2011

Who put who to sleep?

Yes, my motherhood is full of unexpected things...Yes.  sometimes it's hectic.  Sometimes I want to pull my hair out. But it's fun trying to keep up with and love every minute of it.  I would not give it up for anything.

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