Saturday, December 10, 2011

Book Review: The Encounter by Stephen Arterburn

The Encounter
Author: Stephen Arterburn
Religion/Christian Life/General
Retail Value: $15.99 US (paperback)

The Encounter begins as Jonathan Rush goes on a mission to Fairbanks, Alaska in search of answers to his past that explains why his mother would abandon him at the age of four. He makes friends on his journey back to the past; Erica Bingham and a woman named Mercy who helps to guide him to the sometimes painful and eye-opening keys to his past that may forever change his life.

The Encounter caught my interest with the front cover on this book – “Sometime’s God has to intervene”. Overall I really liked the details of the book, describing feelings, hurt, along with the anger that Jonathan Rush feels throughout the storyline.

At first, I don’t believe Jonathan wanted to find the answers to his past. The past history of Jonathan’s life helped to see that there were issues in his past that needed to be dealt with; as well as a relationship with Tim Moser, who had sent him on this journey back to his hometown in search of answers. The haunting memories that began to come out that explained the past was part of his anger began to emerge and I believe the Main Character was able to begin to understand why his actions and feelings were what they were. Once Jonathan began to meet with Mercy I believe was the actual changing point to this book. By the end of the book he was faced with owning up to the reality of what happened that changed his life and how to forgive others – and most importantly- him. I really enjoyed reading this book and it kept my attention very well. As I was reading, I often thought of my thoughts and feelings and looked at how he was able to take his need to learn, understand, and conquer him accepting, changing, and healing.

I believe this is a strong book for anyone going through a struggle to read and try to understand while trying to understand what they are going through as well as finding their forgiveness for themselves and others.

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