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The 'Responsibility' Mother

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The 'Responsibility' Mother

ISTJ -- (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

"I have a serious love affair with to-do lists. I could sit for hours reading, organizing, and rearranging my weekly calendar."

The ISTJ mother has a highly developed sense of responsibility: for work, home, family… particularly her children. Whether she's overseeing daily baths or insisting on a 10 P.M. curfew, her efforts are largely focused on providing her children with order and routine. She wants them, regardless of age, to be able to count on her and the structure she provides.

In carrying out her commitment to her responsibilities, the ISTJ mother is organized, industrious, and detail-oriented. Because her focus is the day-to-day realities of life, her children are likely to feel secure and well provided for.

The ISTJ mother also sets a good example and provides her children with practical guidance on being a productive, responsible individual. Still, with all her seriousness, she may delight family members with her quick wit and observations about the details of life.

  • The best gift an ISTJ mother can give herself is uninterrupted quiet time each day. She may need to have someone take her children to the park each afternoon or turn off the phone to savor the stillness during the hours they're at school or at a friend's. She may choose to spend her private time setting things in order or getting caught up.
  • Because she needs structure to relax fully, the ISTJ mother may need to plan regular times that are okay to let down, knowing it won't disrupt the entire day. If her family can help finish what she needs to complete before relaxing, everyone may benefit.


  • Providing for her children's practical needs. The ISTJ mother tends to her children's basic needs on a day-to-day routine, seeing to it they're healthy, well fed, clean, warm, and well rested.
  • Providing security. For the ISTJ mother, children thrive in a family structure where roles and boundaries are well defined. She makes it clear: Parents are parents, children are children.
  • Preparing her children for life in the real world. The ISTJ mother believes children must ultimately be independent and on their own. Her goal is to instill good study habits and show them "how to be organized" and make effective use of time. She also views it as her responsibility to discuss the pros and cons of different ways people earn a living.
  • Teaching her children how to work hard. The ISTJ mother encourages her children to do for themselves. Not only does she set the standard for hard work, she gives them responsibility for specific "jobs" around the house, expects them to do their best at school, and insists they clean up after themselves.


  • Flexibility. If structure is her byword, the ISTJ mother may struggle most with being adaptable. Little children are spontaneous and unpredictable, older children have minds of their own, and letting children invite friends into the home can leave her feeling there's no order in her life.
  • Being hard on herself. Aware of all that needs to be done, the ISTJ mother may be a perfectionist who wants things done right and on time. Proceeding at an intense pace, she may find it difficult to relax until all her work is done.
  • Exhaustion. Private and inwardly focused, the ISTJ mother may find herself constantly drained by disorder and children's commotion. She may feel overwhelmed, unable to maintain order or struggling to find any time alone to recharge.

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