Saturday, May 9, 2009

8 days old.

It's been a hectic 8 days let me tell you! Between the wheel coming off of the Jeep (while in process of getting Fireman home), repairing the Transfer case from the Jeep hitting coming down and cracking it upon the rotor's impact from the tire being thrown about 250-300 yards away, Meeting with the school and a rush to the hospital I have been checking on the babies. Here are some of the latest shots taken today at 8 days old. Their eyes should open on Monday, at 10 days old.

This first photo shows three of them sleeping. This is usually how you see all of them bundled up in their nest made out of straw and fur that was pulled from their mother.

In this photo you can see how they all like to be together. If you get one away from the others they will go searching for one of the siblings to cuddle with. You also can see the various colors in the litter.

Just another shot as a couple extend their heads up to try to find it's spot among it's siblings

We love having babies here at the house.. they are sooo much fun. The fun with get better when they have their eyes opened and start eating pellets with mom.


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