Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thoughtful Tuesday

I am not so sure if there is a such thing as a thoughtful Tuesday. We will try it out. I am taking my frustrations out on all of you.

10 things that verify teenagers are coming...

10. You find clothes spread from head to toe on every stitch of furniture and floor/carpet
9. It's been forever since you had to go searching for a training bra and your daughter is going to be needing one like last week.
8. They sit there and tell you "but mom! It's been three weeks since I took a shower and I really don't need one again! (Of course I am exaggerating, LOL!)
7. Your food bill has Quadrupled and your electric bill octopled(is this really a word?)
6. Your husband prefers to work extra shifts so he don't have to come home.
5. They come home and tell you about the boyfriend/girlfriend of the day.
4. Thoughts race through my head thinking that I can maintain the dog house, run electric out to it and live there until they move out of the house.
3. Everyone knows when the kids are home.... how can they drown out all of the yelling and screaming?
2. They start telling you that they want one specific item to wear... EVERY SINGLE DAY!


You start checking out what kind of job you can work as a second job to afford the military schools you are inquiring about shipping the kid off to.

Ah okay, we are just in the beginning years of the teens. I know there has to be more better ones out there, lets hear them!

BTW... Fireman is applying for a corrections officer position. I think it will be good training with the kids, don't you? Gotta keep them inmates (AKA the lovely dear children) in line!!!


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