Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring cleaning begins.

Oh, ok yeah it's been a while since I have REALLY done this. It is a pain in the neck! With working as much as I have been, chasing kids back and forth for school and all the fun things starting up with spring coming into season I have had the urge to do this. I have started in the living room of my house. Instead of having a bucket of water, I mixed up some spic n span in a spray bottle and I absolutely love the idea! I don't have to travel up and down the ladder to wet my cloth and I only have to go up wash the wall and come back down to move the ladder after hitting the bottom portion of the wall. I really want to declutter the living room too, one task that I would rather not do, but if I don't it's still going to be a mess. I think I am going to have to use a laundry basket to fill goodies that I no longer love and want to give away until I get over to the recycle center to get a giveaway box. I am going so far as to actually wash down everything in the process. After that I think it will be a good time to hit the carpet with the carpet cleaner. I am hoping to get all of the dust and allergins out of the house the best I can.

I'll update you on how well I am doing. I really don't have the energy to do this, but I can have the windows open and get the fresh air in as well. A local club is doing a spaghetti dinner, so I think I will treat them with the presence of my family as a gift to myself (I won't have to cook dinner!) The fireman works tonight, so hopefully I can work diligently into the night to get this done. yes, I have a lot of clutter in this room!


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