Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Life's choices

Election Eve.  Facebook, email, television, internet, newspapers.  They are all about the politics! Everyone has an opinion. Levy a tax, not levy a tax.  Vote by what you like about each candidate up for election either by how they stand on their beliefs or by party line.  Everyone wants what they want.  Everyone has choices.

"At this point in your life, If someone did something for you that you thought was the most thoughtful thing that could ever happen in your life, What would that be?" - yes, this is one of the many statuses I left on my wall.

Then I started thinking.  How many of us would want something thoughtful?  But, after thinking on this a bit... How many of us would want something we needed.  Health care?  Job?  A house.  An education?

Like it's said nearly every campaign, It's always a life changing event. Historical. Two people running for the same office.  Two sometimes very different points of view. When isn't an election Historical?

Are people really looking at the "life changing event" as in life changing for the US, or rather to suit themselves.  You had better bet your ass it would be for the latter of the two.

I believe we all take things such as voting very lax.  Most of us were pretty much born and raised with already knowing we had the right at 18 whether or not we were male, female, black, white, or some other race.  We take things like voting for Granted.

I often times wonder how people come up with how they vote during an election.  I mean, with all of the mud slinging from each candidate for many different positions that are open in the world of Government, how do you really get to the nitty gritty of what's going on?  Are you going to believe everything you hear on TV?

I pray that every person in the nation who goes into that voting booth tomorrow goes in with knowledge.  Not the 411 blabbered all over the tv.  Even some of the things mentioned during debates are only half baked truths. Thankfully when I was very frustrated and emotionally drained from even thinking about the comments that these guys only want you to believe, I had a friend with a very trustworthy site she uses to sort through the rubble.  Well it's better than not checking the facts, right?

What about stating what you stand for.  Don't come up with half baked truths.  I think I would honestly love to see someone bashing another candidate and not have it turn an about face and slam the other back.  What ever happened with how you stand, back up what you are saying with your record, and standing behind it?  After all, the bashing is just mud under the Bridge.

What about all of the phone calls?  Back in September I just wanted to not pay my phone bill until after the election was over!  I mean, 5 political phone calls in the matter of 20 minutes.  Only telling us what THEY want us to know.  And I really don't want to share how I am voting.  And why do they start out as "I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is voting day" when the other 4 political calls JUST reminded you of that?!?!?  SERIOUSLY?  No joke?

I'll be praying before entering the voting booth tomorrow that I make the best decisions, not only for myself but my family, my community, and my country and the future.  I hope you do the same!  Oh and just one more thing before stepping off my soap box.  You don't get the right to bitch about the outcomes of the races if you didn't vote.

Now we are up to 7 calls. :O) But who is counting?

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