Monday, November 28, 2011

Motivation Monday

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and long elaborated weekend. My kids are still off from school and return tomorrow.

I am going to try to stick with a themed blog day so that I can be inspiring to myself as well as all of you! So I have chosen to go with Motivation Monday so that hopefully I am able to motivate myself, along with you.

My motivation this week: Christmas items as well as cleaning house. I so want to get things in order. I feel like my house and my Holidays are out of whack right now, and so I feel that it's time to start getting things in order so that my house and my Holidays are much less stressful. I have friends who seem like they were born organized and right on top of things, while some of them are just like me, living by the seat of their pants.

I want to start with a list of items I need so I can hopefully focus on what I need to get done. Slow and steady will help get me through, but in order to get everything I need done this week I REALLY need to focus!

So In order to do this- Lists are in order. Kids chore lists need to be completed. I need to get away from this Blessed computer.

So before making my to- do list... let's start with a Ta-da list.

1. Thanksgiving dinner went smoothly, and hence it is behind us with lots of memories.
2. The front porch has been cleaned up; front of the house decorated; 2/4 wreaths up; Tree up and decorated; Christmas decorations out.
3. We have went grocery shopping; and plenty of decisions to make for dinner tonight (which I am still contemplating, but considering meatloaf and tomorrow crockpot lasagna)
4. We have the three kids dentist appointments done and out of the way.
5. Fireman is having a really rotten day. Starting with waking up to his van not starting, jumping it to get to work, getting in his truck to get 2 hours away and having it broken down and towed to now finally figuring out how to get to Brookpark from where he is to get a loaner when they have 2 or 3 loaners there but the company does not want to rent from there (and there's a 3-4 hour wait for another driver to come through to grab him)but as soon as he gets things figured out with his company he will be on his way back to the yard and hopefully home.
6. I have wash in the washer and dryer that I need to flip and fold, starting the next load.
7. I have survived the weekend - Well, so far (until the kids return back to school tomorrow!)
8. Lil Bear is laying down giving me time to map out what I am going to be accomplishing for today!
9. I am still sane. (Yet to be discovered by anyone other than me)
10. Did I mention I have my control journal I am hoping to go to in order to keep me on task? Oh and I do know where my timer is too!

Oh and before I finish, I do have to mention I found wall deco art that I actually love. "The best things in life aren't things" - Every time I pass by that on my wall I smile! I am hoping that it will help offer me support while cleaning and decluttering this week.

Feel free to have your own "motivation Monday" and leave me your link in the comments!

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